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In the 1950’s, the bonnet hair dryer brought salon hair care to the home, allowing women to curl their hair at home with relative speed and efficiency.

Since then, hand-held curling appliances have evolved dramatically and there’s now a plethora of tools promising you salon-perfect curls at home.

So how do you choose the right curling wand for home use?

As professional hair stylists, we can’t live without a curling wand. With such heavy-duty usage, a stylist’s curling wand must be easy to use, and provide a lasting, frizz-free finish on our clients’ hair. So what curling wand do professional stylists use?

At northern beaches hairdresser Graphix Hair Studio, we use the Cloud Nine curling wand range, and we’re particularly taken with the MicroWand for home use. It’s perfect for creating loose, defined curls like Charlize Theron’s stylish wavy bob.

Cloud Nine hair care tools are made by the founders of GHD, who have improved on their original hair care tools, with better versatility, performance and ease of use.

The MicroWand’s tapered design lets you create tight, loose or large and voluminous curls, whatever your hair type and style. The one touch temperature control makes it easy to choose the right temperature for your hair, and the swivel cord gives extra movement when styling.

As with their other hair styling tools, Cloud Nine uses a secret ingredient in the wand’s barrel which gives the hair added shine and lustre. After use, the protective heat guard slides over the barrel so the wand cools down safely.

If you like to maintain your curls when travelling, you’ll appreciate the MicroWand’s international voltage which automatically adjusts to the local power source.

When using a curling wand or any heated styling tool, we recommend using Joico Smooth Cure Rescue Treatment and Thermal Styling Protectant to protect your hair from thermal damage and help smooth styles last for up to three days. In summer, use Joico Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray to lock out humidity, eliminate frizz, and retain volume.

If you’d like to see the Cloud Nine MicroWand for yourself, or if you’d prefer to relax while we create fabulous curls or waves, contact northern beaches hairdresser, Graphix Hair Studio Mona Vale on 02 9997 4230.