Does your hair feel damaged and break easily? Damage can be caused by a number of reasons such as chemical processes, incorrect use of heat tools, sun exposure, chlorine, salt water and general wear and tear. Although there are so many different types of treatments on the market to temporarily repair broken hair, they are only categorised by moisture or protein combinations.

But how can you tell the difference of what your hair needs?
When the hair is wet, pull a strand, if it stretches and then snaps it most likely is porous and dehydrated. You will need to use moisture products to replenish. If the hair doesn’t stretch and then immediately snaps, you will need protein based products to rebuild the internal structure.

Human hair is made up of mainly protein which can be broken down, resulting in breakage, damage and hair loss.
Replenishing this protein is important but only if your hair needs it. Adding too much protein, or not when its not needed will make the hair too strong with no elasticity and will appear brittle.
Protein based conditioners are beneficial for hair that is regularly dyed, chemically treated or finer.

Products that adds moisture helps to rehydrate, nourish and soften dry or damaged hair. But adding too much moisture will make your hair too silky and unmanageable. That goes with if you are finding your hair too soft and difficult to style, try removing moisture based product.
You need to balance the correct amount of  moisture and protein. Knowing and understanding how to balance this is crucial for having your hair reach its greatest strength and condition.

Once you understand your hairs health and what it needs, your hair will flourish and become strong, shiny and less knotty.

We have some suggestions:
For its intense hydrating capabilities
-We love the Hydrate My Hair range by Eleven for Shampoo and Conditioner
-For treatments we recommend the Joico: Hydrating intense treatment by Joico
For its intense protein
-We adore the I Want Body range by Eleven to shampoo and condition with.
-For treatments we highly recommend the Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe to nourish and rebuild hair.

Sometimes hair has severe breakage that can not be fixed with protein and moisture products. When hair has had multiple damages with chemical processes. If there is eternal damage, hair may require an internal treatment called Olaplex. Olaplex links together broken disulphide bonds within the hair shaft. Which in turn improves the strength, elasticity, health and shine of the hair.

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