Tricho therapy is a 3 step scalp management regime by De Lorenzo that aims to relieve symptoms of itching, dandruff, psoriasis, redness, scaring and scaling. Tricho products are made of a non irritating formulas that do not contain sulphate, petrochemicals, SLS or parabens, thus helping to calm skin issues. De Lorenzo pride themselves on being made up of completely plant based ingredients and are both vegan certified and made without testing on any animals. As well as being made in Australia, the company are also environmentally sustainable.

The tricho range consists of 3 shampoo and conditioner ranges for sensitive skin, dry conditions (Balance)  and oily conditions (Control). After a consultation we will advise the correct range for your scalp symptoms.

Scalp balance is designed for dry scalps with symptoms of itching, white flaking, redness and scaling. This range leaves your skin feeling nourished, soothed and moisturised.
This range is a simple 3 step treatment consisting of:

  • Cleanser- doesn’t strip the scalp of natural oils
  • Conditoner- nourishes dry and sensitive scalps
  • Treatment- acts as a stimulant promoting circulation a healthy scalp

Scalp control is for oily issues. This trio relieves symptoms of itching, yellow flaking, redness and scaling of oily skin.
This range is a simple 3 step treatment of:

  • Cleanser- Cleanses
  • Conditoner-moderates and calms oil production
  • Tonder- acts as a stimulant to calm and slow down oil production

This is a unique non-irritant, fragrance free product ideal for people who react to other products. This is also ideal for people who react to other products, our fine hair clientele, children hair with cradle cap.
This duo consists of:

  • Shampoo- gently cleansers the skin
  • Conditioner- infused with anti-flammatory soothing botanicals to calm the scalp

These products are like spot treatments/medications. They are formulated to soothe and relieve symptoms associated with skin conditions.

  • Relief treatment: is a cream that moisturises the scalp and relieves symptoms of dandruff, severe itching, flaking, redness or scalp issues.
  • The balm treatment: is a spray that is designed to soften and lift dead skin cells from the scalp and assist the removal of scale associated with dandruff, cradle cap, psoriasis and other scaly conditions

You can use the tricho range as frequently as needed or as your symptoms appear. All three steps are needed as they all contain active ingredients to soothe, treat and manage your symptoms. We recommend using a leave in conditioner if you have dry hair as the tricho conditioner is very light weight.

Visit Graphix Hair Studio today for a free consult and we can advise what scalp range would be beneficial to your skin issues!