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Welcome to our Graphix Blog - the hub of all the latest and greatest things that we've been up to. Pop by every now and then to make sure you don’t miss out on any exciting gossip from the world of Graphix and beyond, not to mention hints, tips and how to get the look guides from our team.

Got scalp issues? Tricho by Delorenzo is the answer

Tricho therapy is a 3 step scalp management regime by De Lorenzo that aims to relieve symptoms of itching, dandruff, psoriasis, redness, scaring and scaling. Tricho products are made of a non irritating formulas that do not contain sulphate, petrochemicals, SLS or parabens, thus helping to calm skin issues. De Lorenzo pride themselves on being made […]

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Turn up the Volume

Everyone is ALWAYS asking for volume, so we have put together our top tips and tricks for creating body within hair. Fine hair refers to the diameter of the hair. Fine hair can appear oily, limp and flat a lot quicker than other textures as it can be weighed down with natural oil quicker, but there […]

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Moisture v.s protein- Are you harming your hair?

Does your hair feel damaged and break easily? Damage can be caused by a number of reasons such as chemical processes, incorrect use of heat tools, sun exposure, chlorine, salt water and general wear and tear. Although there are so many different types of treatments on the market to temporarily repair broken hair, they are […]

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We absolutely love the Lob!

We love the lob, they are so in at the moment! But what is a lob you ask?? A lob is a longer bob. A “lob” haircut can be bit boring when you leave it untouched.  By adding some colour interest and styling it can be a great way to shake things up. Colour to […]

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Embrace the change in seasons with new hair!

There is nothing like a new winter hairstyle to make you feel fantastic and what a better time to embrace a new you than with a change in the seasons. We change our clothes fashion so why not our hair, right?! We have lots of clients asking for different tones and shades that look amazing! […]

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Refine your look with a razor haircut

Razor hair cuts have been around for decades, either used for an entire hair cut or to simply soften and texturize the hair after the hair has been cut with scissors first. Razor hair cuts give a softer look that is more organic. The lines of a hair cut are weightless with no defined later. […]

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The girls are amazing. Their experience, knowledge and attitude toward learning new technology means my hair is in the best hands. Madi Coppock

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