Tame that frizz!

Smooth, shine and strengthen with one treatment

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Stylists at favourite Northern Beaches hairdresser, Graphix Hair Studio, love the long, hot summer days ahead – but not the frizzy mess it leaves our hair.

Graphix now offers the revolutionary Trichovedic luxury keratin smoothing treatment to help you tame your frizzy hair. Incredibly, the treatment works more effectively the more damaged the hair is.

How does Trichovedic strengthen hair?

Originally developed in Brazil, the luxury keratin smoothing treatment infuses and bonds KWS TriProtein Complex into and onto the cuticle layer of the hair shaft. The hair is straightened around 80-90% and has extra shine, smoothness, strength and condition. It will cut your blow drying time in half, so styling is so much quicker.

Unlike chemical straighteners Luxury Keratin Smoothing Treatment does not chemically rearrange the internal disulphide bond structure of the hair and it can be used on coloured, foiled and chemically straightened hair. Unlike previous keratin treatments, you can wash your hair or tie it back immediately – you don’t need to wait 2-3 days.

A typical Trichovedic keratin smoothing treatment will take between 2 to 3 hours depending on hair length and density. However most clients are amazed at how much time they save every morning not having to straighten their hair, and hair is virtually humidity-proof. Perfect for summer!

Maintaining your Trichovedic smoothing treatment

Your luxury keratin smoothing treatment should last between three and five months, and is virtually maintenance free, but some simple guidelines should be followed to ensure maximum longevity.

* If you colour your hair, have your colour immediately prior to the treatment or at least two weeks following the treatment.

* Use Trichovedic aftercare products to reinforce and enhance the proteins bonded to the hair. These are free of sulphates and sodium chloride, and will protect the proteins which have been bonded onto and into the hair.

* Swimming in salt or chlorinated water will degrade the treatment and reduce its longevity. To avoid this, distribute Trichovedic Glossing Serum through the hair prior to swimming or use a swimming cap.

* Repeat the treatment in three to four months to maintain your results. The more treatments you have, the more effective it becomes.

If you’re seeking smoother, healthier, low maintenance hair, contact Graphix today on 02 9997 4230 for a consultation or to discuss the treatment with Charlene.

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