Everyone is ALWAYS asking for volume, so we have put together our top tips and tricks for creating body within hair. Fine hair refers to the diameter of the hair. Fine hair can appear oily, limp and flat a lot quicker than other textures as it can be weighed down with natural oil quicker, but there are ways to cut, style and wash hair that will greatly improve the general look of your hair..

Styling Fine Hair

Without weighing down fine hair, our clients always want body, texture and fullness. Eleven Australia’s range of “I Want Body”  which is packed with natural proteins that help to build body.
Shampoo: “I want body” is a a great cleansing shampoo, to remove oils and penetrates the hair with soy and wheat protein to add volume.

Conditioner: The “I Want Body Conditioner” is a get mixture of both natural proteins and moisture.

Treatment: Elevens “3 minute treatment” is a great lightweight treatment to use alternatively to protect and nourish hair. The formula has both proteins and moisture to treat and repair colour damaged hair.

Styling product range:
I want body powder: tactile powder to create grip, support and the illusion of fuller more textured hair from the roots.
I want body volume foam:  The perfect base for those wanting a full bodied blow-dry without weighing down the hair..
I want body dry powder: This product is a great workable paste, that provides root lift, texture and a natural finish.. Its so great to create texture after curling the hair.

Styling tips
To start off, always towel dry your hair before applying conditioner. This will stop the conditioner from diluting and provide a good base to style and apply products.

Once washed- apply a volume foam from the ends to the roots.

Blow dry your roots up to achieve volume within the hair. Then once roots are dried, smooth hair cuticle. Blow drying your hair completely upside down can produce frizz, so we always recommend blowing the cuticle down once you have achieved volume in the roots.  Changing where you part your hair can also be a great way to create more volume, as it is going against where it is trained to sit.

Haircut and Colour options:

Believe it or not, lightening your hair can create a lot of volume. Bleach changes the texture of your hair, as it roughs up the hair cuticle so it isn’t so soft and slippery.

Balayage can be a great way to create movement and the illusion of more hair as it draws emphasis to the ends of the hair, and when curled or scrunched the hair can look fuller .

Soft foils around hairline and through part line- because bleach creates texture within your hair, it is great to place a few soft “baby lights” in the hair to add body without creating an unnatural colour. These baby lights mimic


Adding short layers to your current haircut can also help to boost the volume in your hairstyle! Short layers obviously have less weight than long layers. Short layers can also be easy to style and can hold a volumious blow dry better.
Shoulder length hair and above the shoulders also promotes more volume! Less hair weight equals more body at the roots!!


Try blow drying your hair in the opposite direction at the roots to try the hair off the scalp. Curling and waving your hair will also create movement and more volume. We recommend Cloud 9 Styling tools to style hair as they do not damage the hair as they have special plate technology.

For more tips and tricks in creating lots of volume, visit us at Graphix Hair Studio in Mona Vale.